1) What is the circulation of your publications? We distribute 4,000 copies of The Newton County Appeal weekly, with our main  distribution in Newton County.  Our readership is more than 10,000.
2) How often do you publish? Weekly
3) How do I submit news to your publications? We love submitted news. We are a community newspaper. You can email the information to dthompson@newtoncountyappeal.com or stop by either of our two locations. Be sure to include contact information with your submission.
4) How do I place an ad in your publications?
Just call our advertising manager at (601) 683-7810 or email askinner@newtoncountyappeal.com. Tell us what you want and our talented production staff will design the ad for you in no time. There is never a charge for our expert ad design and composition.
5) What's the cost of advertising in your publications?
Our rates vary greatly based on contract rates and various frequency discounts. Typically, ads cost less than one penny per reader.
6) How do I subscribe?
Click here or call 601-774-9433 to subscribe to The Newton County Appeal for just $30 per year.
7) Do your publications include classified ads?
Yes we do and our rates are very reasonable - and under certain circumstances can even be free. Call us at (601) 774-9433 to place an ad.
8) What are you business hours?
We are open from 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.