City of Union loses two more longtime residents


Union lost another long-time resident with the passing of Larry Rushing on Nov. 26.  Larry was a businessman in Union for many years. He was wed just this year to the love of his life, Felicia McCune Rushing. The family stayed near him during those months before his passing.  He will be missed.

As I was checking the obituaries for Larry’s date of death, I discovered that Union also lost Rex Gordon this weekend. Not much information is yet available and I will have to send this to the paper before I know anything additional on this. I will miss waving at him when I go to Ward’s for my breakfast each morning. I think he went there every morning before work.

Everyone in town knew him as Union’s attorney and the city judge. May both of these precious souls rest in peace. And may the Holy Spirit give comfort and hope to the grieving loved ones.

Every time a soul leaves this earth, a space is left where they were. Another one is born, but there can never be a duplicate because God makes every individual unique. Like the ripples in the water when a pebble is tossed in, things change for so many when a friend or loved one goes to meet our maker. Each day takes us all a day closer to being there. I know my time is coming. There is no way to know when, but I will soon celebrate my 72nd birthday, so I have already lived at least three quarters of my life. Maybe more.

I try to live in a manner that is pleasing to the Lord, and I spend time with him almost every morning. When I breathe my last here, I look forward to being in Heaven with Him, and I pray all my loved ones will be there, too.

The congregation at Redeemer Baptist Church voted yesterday to bring Brother Tyler in as interim pastor. We have been without a pastor for a long time, since Brother Jamie Leach resigned. I haven’t yet heard Brother Tyler preach, but I know the Lord will bless him and us, if he follows the Lord’s lead.

Be in prayer for us as we seek and grow as a church. Brother Tyler also has a serious problem with one of his eyes which may require surgery, and will probably delay his filling the pulpit. Please be in prayer for him about that, too.

James and Betty Stack hosted their annual Christmas party for the church last Saturday. I didn’t make it this year, but all who attended said it was the usual feast for the eyes and especially the stomach. I have been to these before and there is food of every kind on every level surface of their home. Thank you, James and Betty, for all you do for the church. I know there is a lot of work that goes into preparing for a celebration like this. Although I did not attend this year, I do appreciate you.

Next Sunday night Redeemer will have its annual Christmas Dinner at the church at 5 p.m. Tyson Feed Mill team members will get together at 12 p.m. noon this Thursday for our annual Christmas dinner.

What about your church or civic group or family? If you send me announcements of your plans, or reviews of your celebrations, I will be happy to print them in my articles here. All I need is your input.

Also, I would love to send birthday wishes, so send me the names and dates of your birthday, or those of friends or loved ones and I will print them. Remember, my deadline is Monday mornings, so I usually send my column out on Sunday night. On holiday weeks, there is an early deadline of Friday morning. Keep that in mind when you give me your information.

The Lord be with you to protect and comfort you until I meet you here next week.




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