Community says goodbye to George McMillian


Good mor-ning/evening!

Welcome to the second month of 2018. I have been writing this article for many years. Thanks to all our readers and friends who have supported us.

Prayers are extended to all the sick and shut-ins. Our prayer list includes Sammie Curry, Samual Hillie, Oliver J. Hillie, Charles Johnson, Nita F. Hughes, Tyyonna McCalphia, Marsha McMillian, James C. Johnson, Frank Norman Jr., Donna Burton, Ralph Jordan, Rev. R.D. Evans, Marie Evans, Ronald D. Watkins, Lois Evans, Sudie Hilie, Essie L. Robinson, Bertiel Evans, Hailey Thompson, Lisa Cunningham, Victor Cunningham, Jessie (Bo) Harris, Gloria Robinson, Joanne Webster, Billie W. Wash, Deacon L.E. Johnson and Bernell Chapman.

Prayers go out to our nursing home residents: Nellie Norman and Carolyn Watson at James T. Champion of Meridian; Ms. Bobbie J. Clayborn at The Oaks of Meridian; and Mary F. Myers at Hilltop Manor of Union.

“The power of prayer, welcome to Pleasant Grove MB Church of Newton, where the Rev. Michael Pickens is the pastor.” On Sunday, Pastor Pickens’ message was “Warning Two Part 2: Fear Lest You Miss Gods Rest,” taken from Hebrews 4:4-13. Pastor Pickens and the Pleasant Grove Church family invites all to Sunday School each Sunday at 9:30 a.m. and worship at 11 a.m.

Our hearts are saddened by the death of Mr. George McMillian. He is the son of Mrs. Vernell Arrington and husband of Mrs. Doris McMillian. The whole family has our prayers. Please keep them in your prayers.

Pastor Anthony Robinson and the St. John MB Church family welcome all to Sunday School each Sunday at 9 a.m. and worship at 10:15 a.m. St. John’s sick list includes Bertha Bender, Frankie L. Evans, Annie Rogers, Regina Bender and Xavie Walker.

Pastor Hale and Bro. Brand invite all to the Hickory Devotion each Saturday at 9 a.m. The Devotion is located in the old Western Auto building in downtown Hickory.

Anna McKee, Larry Fielder, Bernice Bowden, Florine Bowden, Mother Bonnie Ellis and Barbara Coleman are on the Hickory sick list.

Laugh a lot, laugh at yourself and everybody else. Remember you are the lucky one.

Please share comments or information about your activities, news and updates happening in and around our county that can be submitted for this article.

We pray for our city, county, state, U.S. governing officials and our military, stateside and abroad.

For your news, contact Leora Watkins Chapman at 601-683-3516. Address: P.O. Box 473, Newton, MS 39345.


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