Daughter and son in law were blessed this year


Randy Skinner’s movie production, “A Flower from Heaven 2,” will be showing at the Temple Theater on Jan. 27, the last Saturday of the month.

I am writing from West Monroe, La., where I spent the Christmas week and have an early deadline of Friday morning. I hope everyone had as an  inspiring and love-filled Christmas as I did, with my sister and brother-in-law, Pat and Donnie Beacht, her son Steven Hollis and his girlfriend, Lisa Burgess, daughter and son-in-law, Chastity and Nathan Holley,

 son Hunter Hollis, and grandchildren, Ethan and Noelle Holley.

Times with them are always special. It is heart-warming seeing Nathan and Chastity walking so closely with God, when for so many years their lives were controlled by addiction. They were on again, off again in their marriage, and parenthood. Until both of them hit their separate rock bottoms. That must be where Jesus found them and helped them up. Because shortly after I heard how bad it was, I talked to her and learned that not only were they both in recovery, but that they were back together.

Their lives this last year have been very challenging, with a tree falling on their home in Bernice, La., and having to squeeze their family into a camp house by Lake D’Arbonne in Farmerville while they work together on repairs to the main house. Nathan broke his ankle the week the storm that damaged their home, and unable to work or do repairs for a while. Then around Thanksgiving, he went to the doctor with severe pain in his knee. Testing revealed a severe infection, and he was admitted to the hospital for treatment. But bag after bag of intravenous antibiotics found the infection only getting worse. Doctors were looking at amputation of his leg from the knee down.

The children, Ethan and Noelle, requested prayer on social media for both Dad and Mom, whose faith and strength was being sorely tried. People came in and prayed for Nathan. But the one that impressed him the most was the fervent prayer of his wife. The day after she laid hands and prayed for him, doctors made their rounds, checked his stats and found 

nothing there, not a sign of infection. He believes of all the prayers, that the one that made the most difference, the one which moved God to heal, was Chastity’s loving prayer for healing of her husband.

Too often we judge those with a past that we consider unworthy of forgiveness. Jesus asked the Pharisees, which will love the most, the one who is forgiven little or the one who is forgiven much. They had to admit probably the one with much forgiven. Some of the most powerful witnesses today are those who have almost seen the pits of hell. They emerge with an urgency to testify their faith and all that transpired to get them where they are. They know from where they came and know where they are going.

I only have one more day in West Monroe as I write this. I have rested a lot of the week. The cold weather has kept us inside. Carol is in Houston visiting daughters this week. Pat and her family are the only ones I have seen. I plan to return to Union on Saturday to avoid the treacherous road conditions possible in West Monroe to Union from predicted wintery mix precipitation. Then it is back to work and life as usual back in town. I hope to see you all again here next week.

Until then, the Lord bless and keep you. Be safe with your celebrations.



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