Dozens help celebrate Rigdon’s 98th birthday


Heather Cooper reports that on Sunday Jan. 28, the 98th birthday of Elnora Rigdon was celebrated from 2-4 p.m. at Riverbirch Assisted Living Center. There was a great turn-out with plenty of cake and visiting. Elnora slept through most of it.

Attending were Elnora’s son, Dwight Rigdon with his wife, Jean, and their youngest daughter, Sara with her husband, Vincent; their oldest daughter, Heather Cooper with her husband, Monty, their daughter, Chloe and Monty’s parents, Don and Martha Cooper.

Also in attendance were Elnora’s son, Ralph Rigdon and his wife, LaDonna, their son, Benjamin and wife Tegan with their children Hunter, Colin, Anna Claire, and Chael; their daughter, Nicole My

rick and husband, Print, with their daughter, Madison, son, Taylor, with his girlfriend, Brooke Ferguson.

Also enjoying the event was Elnora’s daughter, Elizabeth Boxrud with her husband, Jim and their daughter, Amber Maranya and her daughter Elise.

Many nieces and nephews also attended, including Lois Holland, with daughters Gail Gray and Lynn Benson, Jack McCraw, Edith Todd, Louise Clark, Martha Pope, Margaret Peacock, Joy Rushing and Carlene Cleveland. A few friends were also in attendance.

Heather and the family wish to thank the staff at Riverbirch for their help and their wonderful caring for their mother. 

Happy belated birthday, Elnora Rigdon.

This year for me started out with water leaks, high water and power bills, not to mention the bills for a plumber to repair pipes and, two weeks later, cost of a new hot water heater and labor to install it.

By spring I will probably have to have my tub surround ripped out and replaced, maybe with a tile shower stall. Sad. You work most of your life, continue working when you are old, and the money just slips right through your fingers, pushing retirement that much farther out.

But I know I am blessed far beyond anything I deserve or could even expect. Like everyone else, I suppose, I have had occasions when I celebrated my disappointments in a pity party with only myself in attendance. As a young womanI couldn’t shake those feelings of depression often for days. In my old lady wisdom, I have learned to allow myself the luxury of self-pity for a brief time, no more than 30 minutes. Then I give the situation to the Lord, get up, get busy, find something else to think about. These little parties have decreased in frequency, as I have learned the wisdom of shortening their duration. Most of the time I give the problems over to the Lord, before I even have a chance to start feeling sorry for myself.

As I get older, I realize that life is too short to waste it in worry. I know that God is in control and nothing comes as a surprise to Him. And I trust that even when circumstances appear to be negative, He is the only one who can change it to a positive. He has been doing this for me for many years. Strangely, even though I have learned to expect it, I still find myself being surprised and awed when He does.

It looks like Union is not the romantic place I once believed it to be. I have not received a single sweetheart story. With so many couples here who have celebrated silver or even golden anniversaries, I thought my voice mail or email would be full. I wanted to run at least one story a week this month. Valentines Day is just 10 days away.

Remember to give all your problems over to the Lord, and never forget to thank Him for answered prayer. I will see you back here next week.

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