Duett predicts more chilly days in April


Dear reader, I will begin by apologizing for my absence in last week’s Appeal. The fall and winter season has been physically tough on me in the 2017-18 season. I have had three separate rounds of anti-biotics in the past six months. I spent the weekend of Feb. 24 staying in, except for a little necessary grocery shopping. I didn’t even make church service that Sunday. I am feeling much better now, as I prepare this week’s column.

Anne Duett called this weekend to check on me, when she didn’t see my column last week. It makes me feel encouraged to have a following, albeit very small in numbers. Anne also gave me her old-time-based weather forecast. In February there was thunder on the 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 9th 24th and she believes the 25th; therefore, by old time weather forecast standards, we will experience cold weather on the same days in April. So be ready to don your jackets on the April 3 through April 9, and again on the April 24 and April 25.

She said that March came in like a lamb but will go out like a lion. Another old-timer’s quote she gave me is, “Early Easter, late spring; late Easter, late spring. This year. Easter is on April 1, and Anne is adamant, spring will be late.

St. Patrick’s Day is March 17, as is the new moon. Annual plants that bear above ground should be planted during the period between the day the moon is new until the day it is full on March 31. 

Good Friday is March 30. Another Anne tidbit is that if a bee flies into your house that day, it is a sign of good luck, but only if he stays until he flies out on his own. If forced out, no good luck. Anne says she heard the call of the Indian hen last week. No significance to that as far as I know.

And Annie said to remind all that next Sunday, March 11 is the beginning of Daylight Savings Time. Be sure on Saturday night to change your clocks FORWARD by one hour.

Wishing belated birthday wishes to my grandson, Kolby Welch. As of February 21, he is sweet 16. Also, Mr. Arlo Winstead will celebrate his 90th birthday on March 17, St. Pat’s Day. Happy birthday and well done, Mr. Arlo!

Redeemer Baptist Church will have their annual Easter egg hunt at the home of James and Betty Stack on Saturday, March 31.

Last week was an interesting week at work, with my office co-worker on vacation three days. The computer program with which we plan feed orders and ship feed was out of commission for several hours on Wednesday, which slows down the process considerably. Feed orders could not be printed during that time also, so it all had to be handled manually. We survived and still shipped feed all day and night, so it was all good.

I always appreciate my office sidekick, Melissa Marston, but never so much as when I am handling the office alone and doing both of our jobs. Welcome back, Melissa!

Until next week, stay safe and faithful and grateful for all our Heavenly Father does for us. And send me some items for the newspaper next week!

To all who read this column, I thank you. I would love to receive your news and interest items for future columns. Send them via email to gingersnapwelch@gmail.com  or text to 601-504-3146 or leave voice mail on 769-222-7055.