Duett proves to be expert on weather and the moon


My article last week drew Anne Duett out of hiding and we had a nice phone chat Saturday. She told me that she uses old-time methods to predict weather. She knew we were going to have a colder-than-normal winter by watching the birds, squirrels and other animals in her yard.

She has seen snowbirds and finches this week. She has promised to call me with her winter-to-spring predictions a little later. There are some things she has to check so she can be more accurate. I understand that her history as “Union’s Weather Girl” has usually proved closer than the meteorologists’ although she makes no promises.

Anne also wanted me to talk to you about the Box Tops for Education program. The school gets money points for the box tops collected and sent to the school, if they qualify with the Box Tops for Education logo. Anne collects these for the school and wanted me to make sure everyone is aware of it.

I went through my cabinets and found only one item, Reese’s Puffs Cereal from when Jade and Summer spent the night a couple of weekends ago. The small logo with the name of the program was right on the box top. I also checked can labels and other items as Anne instructed. Maybe I should check these things more carefully when I shop.

Anne said that according to Ms. Brown at the school, the last date the box tops can be received for this school year is April 3, 2018.  Collected box tops or labels with the logo should be sent to Attention: Labels, Union Elementary School, 101Forest Street, Union, Mississippi 39365.

Anne keeps up with the moon also. She mentioned a recent blue moon, with another one to come at the end of January. According to the internet it will be most visible here in the early morning. If I understood correctly what I read, the blue moon on Jan. 31 will be a lunar eclipse and the moon will have more of a red or coppery color than blue. There are two separate definitions of a blue moon. One is a full moon where air particles cause the moon to appear blue.

The other definition is the second full moon in any given month. This moon coming is being called Super-Blue-Blood Moon. A super moon is when the moon reaches its nearest point to the earth, causing it to appear larger and brighter. The red moon is due to the bending light around the earth as the moon is hidden in earth’s shadow during the eclipse. This will be the first moon of its kind seen since 1866. If you get a good view of any of this, please call or email your report.

This weekend I will be in Louisiana for Pat’s 79th  birthday and do a little birthday cake eating and celebrating with her and the family. I will be writing to you from there next weekend.

Until then, nix the negatives, look for the positives, and thank the good Lord for all the many blessings He trusts us with.      

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