God protects us in ways we don’t even realize


There was once a pregnant woman resting under a tree. She hadn’t had anything to eat or drink that day and she was very fatigued from the heat. So, she prayed to the Lord and asked him to sustain her.

She then noticed clean and clear water dripping from the tree. The woman was ecstatic and began praising God and collecting the water into a cup. But as soon as she filled the cup with the water, a bird flew up and knocked the cup out of her hand. She was so angry with the bird that she struck it with a rock and killed it.

Then she looked up, seeking the source of the water that she was starting to collect again only to realize that a viper was perched in the tree and was filling her cup with drops of venom!

In our desperate times, Satan knows our weaknesses. He knew the lady needed water, and like always, he used the tool of deception. But God intervened and sent the bird to save her.

There are so many times in life we fall for Satan’s deceptions thinking it’s what we wanted or needed, and we get angry at God’s help never thinking for a moment He’s got something better planned. So instead of getting angry that the mile-long train caused you to be late for work, praise God for it for He might have just saved you from an accident later on.

Don’t be heartbroken if that relationship doesn’t work out, for He may have just protected you from a bigger heartache in the end. Praise God for His protections He gives us daily.

Church prayer lists all over the community are steadily getting longer for so many are out sick, hurting and grieving. Therefore, pray for all those asking for our thoughts and prayers.

I hope everyone has a very blessed week.

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