A good Samaritan’s deed highlights shopping trip to Meridian


I shared this story on Facebook last week and I was just amazed at the responses. But I want to reach out to more people about how good God is. Last Monday, I spent the day in Meridian with Brad’s “Meme.”

Our last stop was the Bonita Wal-Mart. She had a buggy full of groceries, and I only had a few things, so I went to a self-checkout while she was at a regular register. After scanning my items, I inserted my debit card and selected that I needed $60 cash back. I gathered all my bags and receipt and I must’ve been in hurry and not fully alert because I walked off and left the store without picking up my cash from the register.

It wasn’t until we got on the interstate that I realized I didn’t grab it. We pulled off and I immediately called the store hoping for a miracle, but I was saddened that there was nothing they could do because there’s a good chance that the person behind mejust got lucky, but to call back later to see if a Good Samaritan turned it in.

I hung up the phone and all the way home, I was sick to my stomach and wanted to break down in tears. Money isn’t easy to come by and I just basically threw away a good chunk. I worried about it all night, but finally accepted the fact that maybe someone needed it more than I did.

The next day at lunch, Meme encouraged me to call the store back just to see if there was any change. I was very doubtful, but I made the call anyway. My heart literally stopped when the lady on the other line told me to come up there and bring my receipt. As I stood at the customer service desk, I was just awestruck as she handed me my money and said some anonymous stranger turned my money into a manager. I again wanted to break down and cry! I just hope this story encourages others to see God’s miracles and how there are still some very good people left in this world even though the media doesn’t share it much. And if this somehow makes it to that kind stranger, I just want to thank you for your honesty and kindness. And I pray God blesses you tremendously for you have greatly blessed me!

Prayers go out to all those traveling and celebrating spring break this week! And a special happy anniversary goes out to my wonderful parents. Thank you for showing me what a true marriage looks like, and I hope to follow the example you’ve laid out for me.

I hope everyone has a blessed week, and to share any community news or prayer requests, please email me at bradley.katie93@gmail.com.


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