Pancakes were a family Christmas breakfast tradition


My favorite breakfast to make for Christmas for many years was pancakes. I would make them shaped like snowmen, candy canes, trees, or Santa or flat round balls. The balls are the easiest ones to make, of course.

It was a fun family tradition that I looked forward to every year. We might eat other things, too — bacon, sausage, eggs, more bacon — but we always had pancakes on Christm

as day.

I’ve mentioned before that my favorite tradition on Christmas is reading the biblical story of the birth of Christ. At my parents’ house, it’s always my dad reading. 

I can hear his resonant voice in my head right now, intonating as he reads about shepherds guarding their flocks by night. I can see my mother’s smile as she sits in her chair

across from him, surrounded by grandchildren, listening to the story she, too, knows so well.

When we’ve been elsewhere on Christmas, it’s been me or one of my children reading, but it’s always something that we include because that’s what Christmas is about — the birth of Christ. Santa is fun and pancakes are fun. In fact, breakfast is good any time of day, especially around midnight with hot coffee from Waffle House. 

If you like breakfast and Santa you might wanna have breakfast with Santa at Lazy Acres Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m. Sure it’s before Christmas Day, but Santa’s gonna be tired Christmas morning. No matter what you choose to do in regard to Santa or breakfast, try these things, too: Give a gift to a complete stranger.

Donate anonymously to a local charity.

Take an elderly person a meal.

Sit for awhile with someone and let them talk.

And every time you see Christmas lights, let them remind you to be a light this Christmas. Now for some breakfast ...