A photograph doesn’t always tell the whole story


I know it’s not the most popular app on smart phones right now, but I really like Instagram. It lets me play amateur photographer and post any kind of oddball photo I take without all the moronic drama that comes with other online applications, like ... say, Facebook.

I can share a square photographic digital vignette of my day and be happy that I have a virtual gallery of my offerings. I’m thrilled when a person who makes their living doing that kind of thing clicks on the heart icon to say he or she appreciates what I’ve done. But even if no one “likes” it, I do, and that’s my real reason for doing it.

When it comes to taking photos for the newspaper or another periodical, however, I’m not so adept. I’ll take shots of an event and come back with the camera so my managing editor can pick through them. If there’s a usable one, it’s a surprise.”Why can’t you make these look like your Instagram account?” she says. “Those are good photos. Well, most of them. Go back and make them look like that.”

But by then it’s too late. I just have to do better next time. If all you know of me is what I choose to share on an app, though, you wouldn’t really know me. Sure, you’d know things about me, but that’s not the same thing, is it?

Knowing someone involves a relationship. With Valentine’s Day this week, my wife and I have talked about it a lot. But we haven’t talked about dinner out, or gifts or any of that. We both had the same honest thing to say. It’s just another day. Because I love my wife more than I can explain, or even understand, myself. I know she feels the same about me. To say one day is the day of greater expressions of love for us is just not accurate. Yeah, OK. Choke it back and let’s move on.

Today I spent time with several friends, talking, laughing, singing, eating and having fun. We learned more about each other just by being together. Our skin tones were different, as were accents, dress, primary language and backgrounds. And it was a glimpse of heaven for me. I love these days.You are not like anyone else. Others need to meet you, to know you, and you need to know them.

 Snapshot moments are nice, but they’re not life. Live it with your neighbors. Make a new friend today. Make an old friendship stronger. Do it for them, but not for “likes,” and do it for yourself. You might get a glimpse of heaven right here at home.

I can be reached at brettcampbell@bellsouth.net or 601-934-0901.