There’s lots to be thankful for


I am writing on Sunday night and I haven’t been out of my pajamas all day. I only put on street clothes yesterday for a short time to go to Walmart for medicines. I have been sick for several days and made it to the weekend at work.

I have dedicated the weekend to trying to get well. Being sick always makes me appreciate the good health I usually enjoy. This appears to be the usual annual fall sinus infection. I promise I will go to the doctor tomorrow if I am not well enough to go to work. I hate missing work because of illness. Maybe the morning will find me all

 well, rested and ready to get back to normal.

With November being the month for Thanksgiving, I have been giving more thought to the things I am thankful for, as I think many folks do. I have noticed several such  posts on social media. Maybe we can extend your own personal thoughts of gratitude to this post? You can be specific or general, but if I have more responses than will fit in one column, I will just hold some of them off for the next column.

As for me, I havehad two days of quiet time to consider things for which I am grateful. First of all, I do not get sick often and being “laid up” for a couple of days brings to my attention my good fortune in not experiencing a lot of health issues, at least not the kind that knocks me down often. I am thankful for my job and the life I am able to live because of it, a very simple but comfortable life. I would be near poverty if I had to depend on my social security check alone. I had parents who raised us to know the true meaning of Christmas, but who allowed my siblings and me to believe in Santa Claus as long as possible. Although the income was meager, they always gave us some sort of Christmas and shared our excitement over the season.

I’m especially thankful for my Lord and Savior, without whom I would be doomed. I am ever thankful for all of my family, and for the mobile home I purchased in Louisiana this year which enables me to spend more time with my sisters. 

I am thankful for the family, one daughter and two sons, that God blessed my husband and me with and the grandchildren that have given so much joy, as well as step-children and my god-daughter Summer. They have all made my life richer. Worried and frustrated at times, but so worth it.

The seasons of the earth and in our lives come right on schedule and give us some balance in life and hope and excitement at times. I am thankful for the military people who have offered years out of their lives for our protection, even some who gave their lives. Without them we would no longer be a nation, I believe. Law officers and public servants, doctors and nurses; all of these make life better for us. Thank God for you!

If you would like to share your thoughts of thankfulness, or news, events or holiday plans, let me know by email at,  voice mail at 769-222-7055, or text at 601-504-3146.

Until next week, God bless you and I will see you then same time, same place.