Trip home results in reunion with old friend


On Saturday, Oct. 7, at the meeting of the Newton/Neshoba Chapter of the Mississippi Writers Guild, Windy Nicholson of Philadelphia, gave an interesting presentation about the process of getting her children’s book “Marvin is Hungry” (by J.W. Nicholson) into print through Create Space for Amazon. Attending were Ovid and Carol Vickers, Jon and Vickie Etheredge, Ralph Gordon, Pam Hillman (the leader of the day) Windy Nicholson and me. Windy’s book may be found and purchased at

In Louisiana this weekend, I was visited yesterday by childhood friend, classmate and church buddy, Suanna Martin Desoto. I had not seen her since my daughter was a tot. We reconnected a couple of years ago on Facebook. She was mentioned, not by name, in my last column on breast cancer.

I learned a little bit more about her situation while she was here. Her sister had also had breast cancer years ago, and her daughter was diagnosed two years ago. As I said last week, each woman’s choice is her own to make. Sue’s sister chose to have only the affected breast removed as did I. Her daughter opted to have both breasts removed, and Sue also had both removed, although the doctor didn’t feel it was necessary. Sometimes it feels safer to get the unaffected breast remove to avoid possible future diagnosis.

One thing is for sure, once you have heard the word cancer used about yourself, it takes a long time to get past the panicky “what-if” of recurrence. Sue is still de bating whether to have reconstructive surgery done. If she is confident enough without it, she will be fine. I was not, and still do not have the confidence I did before cancer. But I have faith in the God who formed me and I am content with that. I know that Sue will also pray her way through to the right decision.

Tonight is Sunday night and I will be heading back to Union tomorrow. It seems that no matter how many days spent in your hometown, it is never quite enough. I only saw half the folks I planned to. But the visits were good with the ones I did see.

I tried to access my home phone for voice messages today, but it wouldn’t take my password. If you left a message on it for the paper, I will get it in next week’s column.

I hope you all had a good fall break and the kiddos are all ready to get back to the books. Send me news of the special things you did during break and I will print it next week.

I will meet you back here next week. Until then, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Remember to be thankful and express it to the Lord and each other. May the Lord bless and keep you until we meet back here next week.