Union still in the midst of bitter January cold snap


It is raining right now on this Sunday night as I start this column. Most times I sleep well when it rains, but tonight I fell asleep in my recliner for an hour or so. It appears I got my “nap out” as my Mom used to say. I planned to put my article for this week together before work on Monday morning, but if I am not going to sleep yet, I may as well make use of my time, right?

The unusually cold weather these past few weeks caught everyone off guard, although it was in the weather forecast. I guess we all just didn’t really believe we would have temperatures dipping into the teens at night and really never warming a lot during the day.

I have taken a good bit of teasing for bundling up in layers for work, then adding a  quilted winter jacket, crocheted scarf and toboggan. I looked like I was headed for work in Alaska. When they asked, “You’re not cold are you, Grandma?” I answered back, “I don’t intend to be if I can help it.”  And, yes, about everyone at work except my bosses call me Grandma. I am definitely the oldest team member in the Union location and probably the oldest Tyson team member in Mississippi.

With all the cold weather, I am wondering why Annie Duett didn’t call and leave a voice mail with a warning to pull my sweat shirts and flannel pajamas out of storage. She has told me that she is Union’s prime weather predictor, but she surely didn’t give me a heads up on all of this. According to online weather forecasts we will get rain Monday and Tuesday and warmer days and nights until around the weekend and it will start to drop again. What is your take on this, Anne?  Are you going to beat the groundhog this year?

With the exception of very loud fireworks all the way to midnight on New Years Eve, I had a very quiet evening at home, with my dog Tottie shivering at my feet. The fireworks terrify him. Usually I can sleep with my good ear on the pillow and the noise doesn’t bother me. This year there were a lot of cherry bombs or something very loud. It seemed the entire neighborhood was involved in the celebration. I feel certain none of them had to work New Years Day as I did. I did not sleep until 2018 had arrived. After work New Years Day I came home and had blackeyed peas, greens and cornbread for supper. A couple of days later I added a year to my age, and spent that day quietly at home also.

As I have reached my golden years, I find I have consistently less reasons to leave home, unless I have enough time to make the trip to Louisiana to visit my siblings. I have never been a radically social person, and coming from a large family growing up family was the better part of my social life. I have a few friends locally, but some of them have moved or passed away. It finally seems easier to spend a lot of time relaxing at home, when I am not working or at church.

Brother Adam Boykin filled our pulpit this morning. He really gives you a lot to take home and consider when you leave the church. I pray the Lord will continue to use and bless him.

If you have someone with a birthday or anniversary coming up, let me know the information and what date you want the greetings to run, and I will put it in my article. Something else I would love to hear about is your Valentine memories. As a romance writer, Valentines Day is a special holiday to me. I would love to hear your stories and run them in columns between now and Feb. 14. I notice the stores have cleared their Christmas aisles and are replacing it with heart candy and such.

The Lord bless and keep you in His care until we meet here again next week.

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