We all need to strive to have faith like Abraham in his time of sacrifice


The lesson in Sunday school this week dealt with the subject of God’s faithfulness and His provision. The illustration was the testing of Abraham when God told him to sacrifice his son, Isaac.

With great faith, Abraham did as God told him and right before the sacrifice could happen, God provided a ram to be put in the place of Isaac.

Our faith should be that of Abraham’s. Whatever our “Isaacs” are, whether be finances, job situation or family troubles, we need to lay them all on the altar and know God is going to take care of business. 

A special prayer request goes out to Ms. Teresa Buckley and her daughter, Hope.

Ms. Teresa is having health issues, and with Hope being away from home to school, she’s of course worried about her mom and homesick. Please pray for comfort and healing for these two great ladies. 

I hope everyone has a very blessed week.

Please keep me updated with prayer requests and community news at bradley.katie93@gmail.com.


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