We must learn to have a spiritual hunger


Lately, I’ve been on a big reading kick. In the past month, I’ve read three books, and I haven’t been that into reading since elementary school.

But before I pick up my mystery novel, I make sure I spend time in the Bible first. It bugs me that I can keep my nose stuck in any book all day, but I almost have to force myself to read the Bible. I wish I had the sa

me hunger for the Bible as I do the other books I read.

After talking with some friends, it seems like a lot of us struggle with some type of spiritual hunger. Where I want to be in the Bible more, my friend wants to be more excited in church, and another wants to praise and worship harder.

I believe it’s great to have that spiritual hunger, but I think the only way to ever satisfy it is to ask God to fill us up. Ask Him to help us desire more of Him. Ask Him for that great revival down deep in our souls.

Speaking of revival, everyone is invited to attend Pinckney Baptist’s revival this next week. Starting Sunday morning, Oct. 15, Dr. Kevin Meador will take the pulpit and continue until Oct. 18 with services starting at 7 p.m. each night. For all of us hungry Christians, this revival would be a great opportunity to get our fill!

A happy birthday goes to Mrs. Nora Felton. She celebrated her birthday this past weekend. I remember me and her granddaughter, Kristen, popping by for lunch randomly just to have some of her marvelous cooking! 

I hope everyone has a blessed week! Please keep me updated with community news and prayer requests.


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