Pinckney homecoming draws closer


At Pinckney, we’ve been preparing for next Sunday’s homecoming service. There’s been preparations in the decorations and pictures and history have been gathered up. It’s going to be a special day.

As Bro. William Savell preached Sunday night, we are doing all this prep work for the church homecoming but how are we preparing for our heavenly homecoming? We never know when we will be called home, but we can always be doing some prep work. And like we’re getting excited for next Sunday, we can get extremely fired up for our big homecoming! I encourage everyone to listen to “Home” by Chris Tomlin. This song will definitely fire you up about the home that awaits for us!

I would also encourage everyone to join us next Sunday at 11 a.m. for our homecoming service at Pinckney Baptist. There will good ole’ hymns and awesome preaching, followed by every Baptist’s favorite part, the fellowship dinner!

So please join us as we celebrate 170 years and maybe even bring your favorite potluck dish to share.

Continue to pray for all those affected by the storms and many are down sick with sinus infections and allergies, so remember them as well. 

I hope everyone has a very blessed week!