Scouting makes impact on youth


With today being the last day of February, there’s a good chance that you might see pictures on your Facebook feed of kids building box cars or racing them at their annual Pinewood Derby.

Or perhaps, you see Girl Scouts and their families out marketing their Girl Scout cookies. I haven’t been asked about cookies yet, but I’m sure that’s coming some time this season. I’m pretty sure if I am asked, those thin mints will be at the top of my list to order.

When I think of scouting, those are probably two of the events that I enjoy throughout the year. At a previous job, one of my favorite events was covering the Pinewood Derby. I always loved to see the creativity that the scouts showed. The cars came in all shapes and sizes.

At this one particular derby, the biggest trophy was actually the Turtle Award, which went to the slowest car in the field. You wouldn’t believe it, but the competition was just as fierce for that one as it was the top prize. Of course, the car actually had to cross the finish line to qualify for that award.

While it’s a fun activity, those scouts and their families are learning about engineering and science.

For the Girl Scouts, learning how to sell cookies is a great lesson that everyone needs to learn at some point. In many ways, the cookies sell themselves, but the key is just asking enough people to make your goal. Thus, you learn how to talk with others, and you learn a little bit about sales too.

There’s so much more to scouting than those two activities, but they are just a sample of the great things that you learn. I was never a scout growing up, but I see the value in the organizations. I’ve had to learn some of those lessons later than scouts did.

It is making a difference in the lives of children.

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