Drivers going too fast on school road

Dear Editor:

I live on Long Street in Union. For the past several years my mother who lives next door to me and several of our neighbors have asked the police to watch our street more closely.

Especially during the school drop off and pick up hours. People use Long Street to cut through to Union Middle School and they drive way too fast.  

The speed limit is 15 and most people drive at least double that.  Chief Billy Pat Walker came last year and clocked people but when he caught one going 35 mph he did not give them a ticket. This is more than double the speed limit!  

We have been before the board of aldermen, talked to police officers and to the chief but they will not do anything to help us. There are several small children on the street including my own.

My mother walks them to school when weather permits, but she is scared to a lot of times for fear of a car hitting them. I know this may not be the correct place to submit this but please help me get some attention on this matter.

Ellie Moore