Questions about MSU abortion seminar

Dear Editor:
I read with much concern that On Thursday, March 1, Mississippi State University will be hosting Dr. Willie Parker. His talk is titled “Abortion and the Christian case for Choice”! 
Wow, an interesting title in that he is the doctor who by his own admission kills an average of 1,000 babies each year. He is also the doctor who travels to Jackson to the only abortion clinic in our state to kill our future citizens.
Although I disagree with Dr. Parker’s thinking, he has every right to express his beliefs. However, I would voice a few questions including:  a) is he being paid with taxpayer money?  b) is MSU bringing in a true Christian pro-life speaker this spring?  c) why does MSU administration think this is needed?  d) what other speakers and topics proclaiming “so called” Christian values are planned?
Folks, this kind of thinking which de-values human life has already cost our nation approximately 55 Million lives. President Keenum, I wonder how many MSU graduates we’ve lost to “choice” since my Class of 1973?
Charles Godwin
Newton County Supervisor


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