Union students watch and learn about poultry


Many Union Elementary School students got to take home a feathered friend this Thanksgiving break thanks to Mississippi State University’s “Hatch Out” program.

MSU’s Poultry Hatch-out is a program for grade school students that teaches children the importance of the poultry industry and its significance in food production. It includes a week-long project with a science-based curriculum focused on the egg-hatching process and poultry. This was the first year UES had participated in the program.

“This summer they emailed a lot of the principals in the state and asked if they would be interested, and I just jumped at the chance,” said UES Principal Deanna Rush. “So we scheduled it and they came and brought everything we needed; the food, the incubators and the cage. And the kids got to watch the eggs hatch.”

The eggs had been kept at the hatchery at MSU until they were almost ready to hatch and then they were distributed to all of the participating schools. More than 100 baby chicks hatched on the UES campus during the week.

The MSU grad students came back on Friday, Nov. 17 to retrieve the cages and incubators.  Students who had parental consent were able to take home a baby chick to care for, and the ones that are left over will be taken by the UHS FFA club.

“It’s something that we’ve wanted to do before but these incubators are very expensive so we couldn’t do it on our own,” Rush said. “So it worked out that Mississippi State provided it for us. The kids are so excited to get here every morning to check on the chicks.”

To see videos of some of the eggs hatching, visit the UPSD Facebook page.