Trick-or-treating at Citizen's Bank


The sun may not shine every day, but these live wires will always brighten your day.

They do ours each year when they visit our office and bring their fidgeting feet, their hands that have to touch everything, their curious questions and those big, bright teeth-showing smiles.

Just a few  minutes around their enthusiasm is a guarantee of a better, brighter day.

The pre-k class, is, front row, from left, K.D. McCormick, Cami Ryan White, Abbey Breedlove, Harley Conn, Malachi Burrage, Jayden Nix, Braxton Vallas, Miken Bouchillon, Landon Brown;  and back row, Brycen Russell, Andrew Charlton, Creed Leach, Oaklee Warren, Montavius Brown, Jud McDaniel, Bailey Hopper, Jack Fultz, Logan Brown, Cheyenne Bishop, Landon Page. 
Mrs. Chance’s Kindergarten class is front row, from left, are Harli Jones, Bennie Winstead, Amelia Brasher, Jamaiya Rogers, Jack Jones; middle row, Hayden Charlton, Journee Donald, Karson Leach, Aleira Davis, Lilli Gressett, Avery Matthews, Addison Sullivan, Raine Beckham,  and top row, Marquise Clark, Miguel Gibson, Ashton Wilcher, Kenley Burns, Seth Page, Julia Manning, Cash Cockerham, Greyson Quinn.
Mrs. Campbell’s class is first row, from left, is Ryley Jenkins, Laurne Gardner, Hayden Harrington, Rylee Williams, Brice Cannon;  second row, Emma Grace Barner, Addison Horton, D’mani Gibson, Aliyah Ficklin; third row, Brayden Gladney, Tripp Pace, Aubrey Wilkinson, J.W. Keene, Lamiyah Campbell, Mason Spivey, and fourth row, Jamie Ricks, Dominic Gibson, Dekenzie Hobson. 

Mrs. McCraw’s class is front row, from left, Ariel Buckley, Layla Sistrunk, Mia Wilson, Keyona Hutchins, Hailyn Hardy, Colton Hickman, Olivia Belk; second row, Logan Jenkins, LaChase Campbell, Bella Thrash, Aaliyah Pruitt, Lexi Clark, Wysteria Gore and back row, Huntley Winstead, Aiden Wiliamson, Cameron Williams, Jamontae Jones, John Bufkin, Parker Pullin. 

Mrs. Robertson’s class is, from left, Jacie Gardner, Chloe Crossland, Kenshay Coleman, Caleb Parker, Matt Crosby, Parker Breland, Zack Coats, Gracie Pinter, Lakia Hunter.