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The final Newton County results for last Tuesday’s primaries were similar to the statewide totals.  After all affidavit votes were counted last week for the Democratic U.S. House District 3 primary, state Rep. Michael T.

The Newton Area Chamber of Commerce honored Leigh Anne Whittle and Randy Cuchens as the Woman of the Year and Man of the Year, respectively, at its annual chamber banquet on Thursday night.

The Union Chamber of Commerce’s first ever Union Day begins at 8 a.m. Saturday and continues to 4 p.m.

For the last two years, Tre Hillie has played in the shadows of several college prospects at Newton High School.

Kamon Shelwood would be considered a late bloomer.

After sitting out his sophomore year in baseball, Shelwood went back out for the team.

Josh Luckett came to Union three years ago to get some head coaching experience.

Three years later, Luckett is making the jump to Class 6A basketball.

Union Community News — Union residents take in McBride concert


Denise Mason and her brother, Benny Joe Reppond, went to the Martina McBride concert Saturday night, complements of the brother of a Facebook friend. She commented online how much she wanted to go, but at the price of the tickets, she couldn’t do it. A friend told her that her brother got four comp tickets and was only using two.