KNRLS goes fine free for one year


Starting Feb. 1, the Kemper Newton Regional will no longer collect fines for one year.

The library will forgive all fines on late books in an attempt to help patrons feel more welcome to using library services without the fear of being charged a fine. Many patrons often times will check out books or other items and either return them late or not at all.  For some people, being able to pay these fees can be a problem.

Research has been done to prove the effectiveness of this practice, and the results are very positive.

"It all made sense," said Interim Director Hannah Berryhill. "For areas like Newton and Kemper County, I think this will be very beneficial. I hope that this new practice will be one less finance to worry about for our patrons."

This fine free practice will be used as a trial run for the System. The final decision on permanently keeping the practice will be made in October. While some fees will be forgiven, dues on lost books will not be forgiven. 

Payment for lost books will still be required. However, this will not keep patrons from being able to use library services and patrons can pay for these dues when able. 

For more information on the new fine free policy, please contact Berryhill at 601-774-9297 or by email at


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