Xbox helps solve burglary case


Five adults and one juvenile are facing theft charges after they were linked with a series of burglaries in Newton and Neshoba counties over the last couple of weeks.

Arrested were Thomas Earl McClendon, 24, of Newton County; Dexton Cole Nickey, 20, of Philadelphia; Javison Dale Wilson, 20, of Conehatta; Anthony Gonzalez, 20, of Conehatta; and Stormin Dewitt Dixon, 20, of Philadelphia.

All are facing five counts of burglary. The suspects are still in custody at the Newton or Neshoba county jails or being held by Choctaw Police.

Newton County Sheriff Jackie Knight didn’t disclose the identity or age of the juvenile suspect.

Knight said the break in the case came after the suspects sold a video game system, which had been stolen during one of the burglaries in Conehatta, to an individual.

“The individual turned on the Xbox and saw that it had been signed in under a different name and address,” Knight said. “They reported that to us, and we confirmed that it had been stolen. That led us to the suspects.”

After the law enforcement caught on to what the suspects were doing, Knight said the suspects stopped burglarizing the Conehatta area and then turned their attention to Neshoba County. He said the suspects were picked up over several days at the beginning of October.

Some of the items stolen from the Conehatta homes included TVs, video game systems, laptops and an amount of cash. While firearms were stolen from homes in Neshoba County, Knight said that no weapons were stolen from the Conehatta homes.

After the items were stolen, law enforcement said the items were either sold to individuals or pawn shops.

“We were able to recover some of the items,” Knight said, “but we weren’t able to recover everything. Our deputies did a great job investigating the case.”


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