Aldermen look at annexation and expansion


There weren’t any votes or action taken, but Union’s aldermen began looking at a plan to expand the city’s limits at their November meeting Nov. 7.

The impetus for the plan came from Alderman Billy McCune who brought a map that was prepared at his request by East Central Planning and Development District.

McCune said city limits expansion “is the thing we need to do.”

Mayor Wayne Welch sounded like he was on board with it, too.

“It’s a good idea,” Welch said. “I think there is some (areas) we need to annex and some we don’t.”

Welch cautioned that if the city proceeded with annexation plans it would be a slow, time consuming process and would also be expensive.

“It could cost as much as a million dollars,” he said.

McCune’s map showed the city of Union with a circle that he said extended about one mile in every direction from the center of Union.

Alderman Rex Germany said he thought the area that McCune wants added held about 145 family homes.

With the map on the table in front of him, Welch said, “There might be some (areas) that we want to add and some we might want to take away.”

The map that the aldermen surveyed is in the offices of Union’s City hall. “If somebody wants to come in and look at it to see if they are included, they can,” said McCune.

In other business, the Aldermen:

• Voted to sell a surplus fire truck to the County Line Fire Department for $15,000. Volunteer Fire Chief Dale Yates told the board that the 1996 model truck hadn’t been used in one and one-half years.

• Voted to buy 10 handheld radios for the fire department for $2,390. “We’re experiencing some real communications problems, and we just need to get these upgrades,” Yates said.

• Extended for an additional 30 days a hearing on unkempt property with Ruth Maiden, 105 Union St. Germany expressed some frustration over the issue that’s been hanging for two months, saying “If they don’t do it in 30 days, we’re going to have to do what we gotta do.”

• Agreed to let Welch initiate a search for a new dump truck for the city. “We just need to start to look for a new one, ours is just about on its last leg.”


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