Board approves resolution for Hwy. 15 sidewalk project


The Town of Decatur drew one step closer to adding sidewalks on Hwy. 15 after the Board of Aldermen approved a resolution supporting a potential Mississippi Department of Transportation project at their Nov. 7 meeting.

Now the progress of the project will be contingent on whether funding will be available from the state. The details of the project aren’t finalized yet, but the sidewalks could run from Dollar General Store to Decatur-Little Rock Road.

Mayor David Marshall said, if installed, the sidewalks will improve safety for pedestrians walking on the margins of Hwy. 15.

“We have a lot of food traffic coming from the north side of town down to the Chevron station at the red light,” Marshall said. “Then we have foot traffic from the center of town walking to Dollar General. I’ve got pictures of people actually walking or riding scooters to both places. So, the biggest thing is going to be safety, and I think as far as a beautification effort that as you’re driving into town and you see a town with sidewalks I think that looks better to somebody passing through the area than just having grass on both sides of the road.”

The board was also notified that the town will receive owed recovery funds from the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency from damage from storms in 2011 and 2014 totaling $13,900.