Board discusses how to slow Broad speeders


The Decatur Board of Alderman discussed methods of curbing speeding on the western side of Broad Street on the outskirts of the town at their regular meeting on Oct. 3.

Several residents in the area past the railroad tracks have complained about cars speeding past their houses and sometimes running off of the street and into their yards.

Police Chief Joedy Pennington agreed that motorists speeding in that area has become a problem and that there was a recent accident there. Pennington said he has priced LED solar powered speed limit lights at around $1,800 but wanted to see if the town could find some for a lower price. 

The board also discussed the possibility of installing rumble strips or adding more patrols by DPD officers.

The board also discussed plans for a Veterans Day event in Decatur on Nov. 11. Mayor David Marshall said that Newton County Veterans Service Officer Johnny Reeves had already spoken with officials from the Mississippi Veterans Cemetery in Newton about having the Veterans Day event in Decatur.

Marshall also reported that the town had purchased a two-person forklift cage for town workers to install the Christmas lights along with safety harnesses and a device to test for harmful gases in manholes before workers entered them to make repairs.

Pennington also announced that the department planned to auction off a red late model Chevy Camaro that was confiscated recently.


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