Newton to crack down on utility account information


Newton City Clerk Charlene Evans said the city will be sending out letters to customers who haven’t updated their account information for city utilities.

At the Nov. 21 Board of Aldermen meeting, Evans said the city has quite a few customers who are using the previous resident’s account for their utility services. That causes problems when they move or get behind on their water bills.

“I know one person who’s got a bill in there, and it’s in their mother’s name,” Evans said. “And when they moved in the residence, they left it in their mother’s name because they owe an old bill. We’re still losing.”

In cases where the city has found out about a change in the account, Evans said they plan to send out letters telling them that they will need to change the account information and put down a new deposit to maintain their current service.

Mayor Murray Weems said the city will go through the current bills and see who needs to change the name on the utility bill, and then send out letters asking them to change them as soon as possible.