Union School Public District receives grant for steam oven


Union Elementary and High School will soon enjoy new kitchen equipment as part of a comprehensive effort to improve student health. 

The district will soon purchase a new oven steamer using funds from a Nutrition Integrity grant from the Mississippi Department of Education Office of Child Nutrition, funded by The Bower Foundation.  

There will be no deep fat frying of foods in either of the UPSD cafeterias. District officials said they are very thankful for the funds provided by The Bower Foundation in order to assist the district in providing healthy meals for our children. 

“By using a combination oven steamer that uses super-heated steam, we will be able to cook foods with less fat, saturated fat, and trans fat,” says Child Nutrition Director Ruth Mckinion. “We want our meals to be as healthy and appealing as possible in order to insure that our children are fit, healthy, and ready to succeed.”

“This new steam oven will help our food service staff to improve the thousands of breakfasts and lunches our school serves to our children and staff each month here at Union Elementary,” said Deanna Rush, UES principal.

“We recognize the critical connection between good health and success in the classroom,” said Brett Rigby, UHS Principal. 

In addition to providing healthier ways to cook meals, Union Public School District has a wellness policy in place that can be found on the district’s website: unionyellowjackets.org.