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City mourns loss of Gordon


The City of Union suffered a huge loss this weekend as longtime Union Municipal Judge and Board of Aldermen Attorney Rex Gordon Jr., passed away suddenly late Saturday night.

Newton County coroner Danny Shoemaker said Gordon died of a cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead just before midnight at Laird Hospital in Union.


Would your kitchen pass a food safety inspection?


Over the next couple of weeks I will cover food safety in our column. I know the summer is a time when more families get together for cookouts, parties and socials. You want to make sure to keep your family and friends safe while grilling and socializing. Everyone knows that a restaurant must pass regular food safety inspections to stay open.

Bruce Reiss Sr.

Bruce Michael Reiss Sr., 72, of Forest, passed away on Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2018, at University Medical Center in Jackson.

He was born in Danville, Ill., on Nov. 29, 1945, to Ralph Reiss and Charlotte Unger (who later married Bill Kitchen).

Margie Weems

Margie Blackwell Weems, 88, of Lawrence, died Thursday, July 6, 2017, at Bedford Care Center in Newton. She was born Saturday, Nov. 24, 1928, in Lake.