Lessons learned from CFP


Monday night, I didn’t get much sleep. I know many of you may have been right there with me watching the College Football Playoff Championship.

I would imagine some Alabama fans couldn’t go to sleep after the game ended after 11 p.m. Monday. I wasn’t and I couldn’t either.

But as I write this after that bizarre, yet entertaining game, I have a few observations from the college football playoff.

• Football is still one of the greatest sports ever. I know it didn’t go right for me because my biggest rival won the championship, but the drama from these big games is just amazing. I can’t imagine the stress that these players face during a game, knowing that one mistake could cost you a championship.

I hope football can figure out the CTE and other injury dilemma that it’s facing. It’s a sport that really teaches life lessons to young men.

• Never give up! That’s the message that I hear quite often from legendary basketball coach Jimmy Valvano, but it’s such a tremendous lesson. Alabama looked dead at halftime. They had no offense. The defense couldn’t get off the field. Special teams were failing the Tide.

However, there wasn’t any panic witnessed by Alabama. True, I felt coach Nick Saban did show some desperation when he put Tua in at quarterback, but again it wasn’t panic. They had trust in him.

• Be a good teammate. I felt like the most important person in the game was Jalen Hurts in the way he responded to getting benched. He didn’t mope around about it. He didn’t take off his uniform and not emerge from the halftime break. He became the team’s biggest cheerleader. He showed true leadership and maturity by doing that.

• Be ready for your opportunity. If Tua hadn’t prepared like he was going to play all season long, he wouldn’t have been ready when Alabama needed him most.

• Seize the moment. Nick Saban is one of the greatest coaches of all time. Sure, he’s had a lot of good fortune along the way, but he’s the best at seizing opportunity when it comes his way. Don’t waste an opportunity.

When you look at it, Georgia had a lot of chances to put the game away, but they didn’t. Alabama maximized its opportunities, albeit as few as they were.

I love games like this.  I hope local players were taking note of what you can learn.


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