PSC, Public Health robs Union


It appears like the Mississippi Department of Public Health and the Public Service Commission are upset with the City of Union for providing water service to House residents.

Last fall, both entities sent letters to the city for various reasons. First of all, the PSC said the city improperly obtained the customers of the House Water Association in 1989 and that they should be serviced by the Central Water Association in Neshoba County.

If this was such a problem, then why didn’t the Public Service Commission, or anyone for that fact, stand up and say something then? It’s not like Union did this yesterday. This happened nearly 30 years ago.

Then, the Department of Public Health sends the city a letter saying that they are going to have to do a number of upgrades to its water system under the guise that House residents are served a poor quality of water quality.

When it comes to state-run agencies to cracking down on issues like this, I wonder just how many other cities improperly obtained customers but nothing has ever been done about it. Or how many water systems are perhaps not what they should be but they are continually allowed to keep serving customers?

I have no idea what the agenda is of both agencies, but why is Union being singled out? Sure there are things that need to be done, but how many other cities are in the same position.

Basically, these two letters give Union no choice but to give the House Water Association customers to Central Water. And as Mayor Wayne Welch noted, “They’re getting some really good customers.”

Perhaps that might be the bottom line of this whole issue, money.

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