Great news for local education

Last week, the State of Mississippi’s Department of Education released its grades for all public schools, and the news was good for everyone in Newton County.

First of all, Newton County was ranked as one of the top 15 districts in our state. This comes a year after Union was ranked as a top 10 school district. Newton County Elementary maintained its A rating while the high school and middle school was a B level.

Union still ranked in the top 25 districts, but since school districts are kind of graded on  a curve, that caused the district’s rating to fall to a B. Union Elementary maintained its A status from last year while the other schools garnered Bs.

Newton Municipal saw a huge improvement overall, especially at the high school level. Newton High School rose from a D to a B last year. Newton Elementary was a few points off of missing a B, and Pilate Middle School improved to a D.

Overall, Newton Municipal earned a C rating, which was an improvement over the previous year.

For everyone to maintain these grades, it’s going to take even more work. Because the grading scale is weighted toward districts that experience growth, underperforming schools can see the biggest improvement in grades just because they can experience more growth, especially among the lowest performing students.

However, one thing that will help is that we finally have a test that we’re sticking with. When we were constantly changing tests, it is difficult for teachers and administrators to plan for.

While these test scores are showing good signs, this is only one of a number of indicators of the success of the school. Ultimately, the goal is to get students prepared for college and/or the workforce.

We hope that all districts will continue to prepare our students to contribute to our communities and society.

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