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Every day, it seems like we hear the term “fake news” attributed to some report. Our hope is that you don’t feel that way about your Newton County Appeal.

Sunday began the 77th anniversary of National Newspaper Week (NNW). The observance continues until Oct. 7.  The annual observance celebrates and emphasizes the impact of newspapers to communities large and small all over.

NNW is sponsored by Newspaper Association Managers, Inc., the consortium of North American trade associations representing the industry on a state and provincial, regional and national basis.

This year’s theme is “Real Newspapers … Real News!” One thing newspapers like ourselves don’t do well is promoting the good news of community newspapers, which are alive and strong.

You might say, well I get my news from the Internet. Or I get it from my local news app. Maybe it’s from the local TV station, or maybe it’s from the big cable networks, such as Fox News, MSNBC or CNN. But guess where they get their news, especially when you hear about crazy stuff happening in small towns across the nation.

That’s right. It’s usually from local newspapers like ourselves. Many times, the Associated Press or other media outlets will pick up our news stories and make them national news.

We also appreciate our readers going onto our website and sharing our news on their social media feeds.

Thank you for your support over the years. We appreciate every time that you’ve picked up our paper and read it each week, whether it’s with ink and paper or on your mobile device.

To have the opportunity to keep delivering you the news, we ask that you continue to support us through your subscriptions. And we also ask that you support our advertisers who make an investment to help their business in Newton County.

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