HB 1083 is a horrifying bill

Dear Editor:

After reading the Newton County Appeal, Feb. 14 edition, and the article about our State Legislature, including our local Representatives, voting for and passing HB 1083 which allows, and by its very implication, encourages people to carry guns into sporting events such as football games, I believe Mississippians ought to be horrified. Also, considering the life-wasting killings of the Valentine’s Day massacre in Florida, how could anyone believe that guns at sporting events and public places make any sense at all?

Think about stadiums with 75,000 fans, some of who are drinking intoxicating beverages, which are very passionate and vociferous in their support of their favorite team — a disaster waiting to happen. And how will the police disarm perhaps 20,000 of those, who might be packing, if a shooting starts? Please, Mr. Representative, tell us how. Now, all one has to do is become more efficient in the use of the gun and you can obtain an “enhanced carry permit” to even take firearms into court houses and court rooms when cases are being tried. How much sense does that make?

Even back in the days of Wild Bill Hickok and Wyatt Earp, they required folks coming into their towns to check their guns in or be run out of town. Could it be that they were wiser than our State Legislature? So, here is my question to those who voted to enact such an insane law: how are you going to explain your vote when disaster strikes?

I tried not to write this letter, because I know I may be condemned and perhaps even persecuted for merely mentioning guns in public places. But, I truly believe that the majority of sensible thinking people do not want guns in the aforementioned venues. I also believe that when such disaster happens, the greatest weight of sorrow will fall upon those who know they should have spoken out but failed to do so.  Let me be clear, I am not against carrying guns, but in public places? Think about it. May God bless the families in Parkland Florida and anywhere in the past or future that have or will lose love-ones in senseless shootings.

Walter Gardner



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