Union Community News — Union residents take in McBride concert


Denise Mason and her brother, Benny Joe Reppond, went to the Martina McBride concert Saturday night, complements of the brother of a Facebook friend. She commented online how much she wanted to go, but at the price of the tickets, she couldn’t do it. A friend told her that her brother got four comp tickets and was only using two. By Denise’s remarks on Facebook, I can see they really enjoyed the show.

The Pride of Union won second place overall in the 2A State Championship Competition, and also Color Guard Second Place, Percussion First Place, General Effect Second Place, Visual Performance First Place, and Musical Performance Second Place. Congratulations, Pride!

Why is it, that the chip on the bank card is supposed to make it safer, but at a local business where a few weeks ago, the card could go through the slider, and choose “credit” instead of “debit” and sign for the purchase, has since become chip-compatible, and the code is required. This is a very busy place most of the time, and I feel very uncomfortable keying my number anywhere. I wrap my hand around the screen to keep the clerk, surrounding customers, or anyone from seeing what I am keying, and this has caused some rude remarks to be made. It is never because of who the cashier or the customer is, what they look like, etc. I happen to know that identity fraud is a major problem in the United States and I have experienced it personally.

I have had to get three replacement cards in the past three or four years because my account was hacked, and I never knew who did it or where. I keep a close watch on my account, and I found the fraudulent to get them removed. Usually it will start with a very small amount, maybe a dollar or two, then there will be two or three larger amounts to follow. The bank investigated and found the charges to be fraudulent each time, but when I report them, my card is instantly voided and a new one issued, which takes a week or so to arrive.

In some businesses, using the chip is just like the slider; the choice is given for debit or credit, but this particular place, if you have a chip card, you have to key in the number. I don’t understand why at one place you can, but the other you can’t.  I guess I will be driving a little farther from home for breakfast biscuits from now on.

The clocks fell back this morning, but they failed to tell my brain to get sleepy an hour earlier. I seem to spend half my time getting used to the changes, whether daylight saving or regular time. About the time I get adjusted, it changes again. Any thoughts on the subject?

I would love to hear from my readers with news and events, or comments. When I do not hear from you, I just write about what is on my mind. I will meet you here next week, same place. Until then, may all be well in your life, and the Lord’s blessings be upon you.

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