How we can do better during 2018


It’s the time of year when most of us will make New Year’s resolutions. It’s taken me many years to figure out why we do it, but I think I’ve got a bead on it now. I think the main reason is because there is always a person we wish we could be all of the year. We all wish we could be a better person and most people would like to have an opportunity to reset their lives. That’s exactly what a new year does, it offers us a chance to be better. It gives us all a do-over.

It’s easy to say I’ll lose some weight or get in shape because that’s just about every year. Or how about a good Bible reading plan?

So with that in mind, I’ll share a couple of my New Year’s resolutions from the newspaper end of things.

• I resolve to stand up for those who aren’t often noticed. This past week, I got an early jump start on that with my “captain’s picks” with the All-Appeal football team. I even had a good friend call and tell me that it was one of the better things I had ever done. I appreciate that because you don’t get a lot of compliments in this business. I resolve to continue my captain’s picks as we continue through the year and try to take a closer look at those who don’t always get their names in the newspaper.

• On the same thought, I resolve to do a better job with the minor sports. It’s easy to cover football, baseball and basketball and even softball. But I don’t do a great job with some of the other sports. I’ve made great strides with tennis but that’s a lot easier for me because we have really good tennis teams and coaches here. But it’s something I want to do a better job at.

• I resolve to recognize other sports with All-Appeal teams. For the last two years, I’ve put together an all-Appeal football team but have failed to do so for the other sports. That’s my fault for being lazy. It’s just something I need to be better about and will do this year.

• I resolve to spotlight more seniors. As a young sports writer, my former sports editor Austin Bishop made me write a think called Senior Spotlights. I had one every Monday in The Meridian Star and while I hated writing them, it helped me get to know some good kids. And every now and then, I would write one that was pretty good. And at the Appeal, we do a feature about our Elite 11 football players. But that’s it and I admit I could do better. So for the next couple of months, I’ll do my best to find some worthy seniors to write about. So if you know of a senior athlete in our five-school district that is worth writing about or has a good story, let me know and I’ll check it out.

Now after those four newspaper goals, I have a couple of others I’d like to shoot for. I’d like to exercise more, lose weight, quit all soft drinks, play more golf, keep the car cleaner, be a better father and husband, obsess less, make up my bed every day, pick up my clothes, help my wife more, read more, watch less television, read through my Bible again, watch the Masters live, go to more Mississippi State games, work less, sleep more, tweet more, Facebook less, quit 2048 on my iPhone, learn more Photoshop, be more creative in my design and writing, save more money, spend less, do more budgeting, sheetrock the interior of the house, finish cleaning out the living room, organize my closet, count my change jar, play more ping pong, work on Marshall’s serve, pave the driveway, straighten the mailbox, get more chickens, raise some chicks, go for a weekend in New Orleans with the wife, see a Broadway show, save for a newer car, buy a golf cart, pray more for friends, call my mother more, be more patient with everyone, get out of bed on the first alarm, study more sports photography, rake the back yard, clean out the barn, entertain more friends in our home, play more card games with the family, print out the good photos on my phone, drink more water, clean my gas grill, be a better teacher, reach more kids, hand out more tracts, start FCA at school, preach more, upgrade my shoes, throw away some socks, get my wife another Instant Pot, upgrade my iPad, and last but not least, quit making resolutions that I will never get around to.


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