Treasure trove of football history

Publisher Brent Maze recently sent me a link to a web site,, that shows records for every high school football team in the state of Mississippi, many of them going back to the 1930s.

I ventured onto the site to take a look and found myself spending a lot of time on the site. I’ll be honest, this is the kind of stuff that I could spend hours looking at and love all of the interesting things you can find.

Here’s just a few of the tidbits I found on the site, none of which really surprise me.

In the consecutive winning seasons, Calhoun City sits atop the public schools with 25 straight seasons — and from what I hear they will achieve 26 easily and are likely one of the top two teams in Class 2A. The record in private schools belongs to Jackson Prep, which has 46 straight winning seasons. That’s not a big surprise but it’s still pretty impressive.

The state’s longest current winning streak is at 25 games and that belongs to Simmons. The longest losing streak is at 24 and that belongs to New Site. The longest region winning streak is 48 games and that belongs to Charleston while the longest region losing streak belongs to Tishomingo County at 42 games.

Coming at no surprise to me because they hammered us at Leake Academy the last two years is that Indianola Academy has a 28-game regular-season winning streak and a 32-game home winning streak. Indianola does something that’s quite unique. Their field is in an old neighborhood in Indianola and before the game, the cheerleaders circle the field blowing their horns and hollering. It’s really wild and my son Jacob, who played on that field twice said it was the most intimidating place he’s ever played.

Another interesting stat, Wayne County has scored in 229 consecutive games. That’s a really impressive stat, but when you think about it, from the time that Bobby Hall went to Wayne County in the late 90s, the War Eagles have been really good. But still, 229 games is impressive.

They also have a second category where it shows the winningest teams in the state of Mississippi. Listed No. 1 is Meridian High School with a record of 677-279-41. Most of the top teams are the older schools in the state. The top winning percentage that I saw on the site belongs to Jackson Prep which has an overall record of 465-77-2 for an 86 percent winning percentage. After Meridian, in number of wins, is Laurel (576-377-29), Vicksburg (563-408-29), Gulfport (557-362-32) and Starkville (555-202-19). Closer to home, Louisville stands with a 531-238-14 record while Taylorsville is 532-213-6. Philadelphia is 467-228-13 and Forest is 451-302-8.

Locally, it lists 1930 as the first season for Newton High School with an overall record of 312-362-15. Newton has played Philadelphia the most, playing 54 times and has a 17-36 record against the Tornadoes.

The Lake Hornets are also listed as starting football in 1930 and are listed with an overall record of 332-191-5 and their longest running rivalry is with Scott Central which the Hornets own a 34-14 record. Lake also owns an impressive 115 shutouts all time and their longest winning streak is 27 games from 73-75 under Granville Freeman.

For Union, it shows their first season as being 1933 with an overall record of 302-327-15. Union’s longest-running rivalry is with Philadelphia and the Jackets are just 8-28 against the Tornadoes. 

Newton County started playing in 1990 and has an overall record of 151-129. Not surprisingly, their longest rivalry is with West Lauderdale and County owns a 15-6 record against the Knights. 

Newton County Academy first started playing in 1972 and has an all-time record of 156-211-1. Their longest running rivalry is with Sylva Bay who owns a 26-13 record against the Generals. Since 2010, NCA has a 55-31 record under Rob Roberts, which accounts for almost a third of NCA’s all-time wins.

Robertson is the sports editor of The Newton County Appeal. He can be reached at sports


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